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Nakanoshima Amamacho, one of the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture.

There are no convenience stores, supermarkets or cinemas on this island.

It's an island with nothing convenient like the city,

There is a very rich nature, a life that coexists with nature, and a warm time flows.


But no matter where you live, mental and physical upsets can occur.

It can be thought of as a message from the mind and body.


Here, we will "help" you to listen to your heart's message and body's voice as soon as possible.


"It's not like going to the hospital..."

But I'm a little worried. A little anxious.

I want to relax I want to spit out something I can't tell anyone.


With or without such "something"

It is a place that you can visit as a leisurely trip.


It is a relaxing place for the people of the island, knowing how to prevent and mitigate in daily life,

We hope that each and every one of us can live a “lively” life in this island's unique lifestyle.


For those who visit from outside the island, it is a special place where you can heal your daily fatigue and experience only on this island.


We value the balance between Body, Mind and Spirit.

We will do holistic care.






Therapist/Representative of Shimanoken Shitsugura

Terumi Shimane

I acquired an instructor from the Aroma Recognition Association, and I have learned a lot from trusted teachers such as Chinese medicine aroma, clay, and Yin Yang five theory.

Currently, I am doing holistic original care based on anatomy.

One daughter, one rabbit (♀) mother. Sing gospel

Like everyone else, I am having various experiences and thinking about various things, and living while worrying.

I may be able to help someone smile, just as I have been helped by someone to live. With that in mind, I started to walk as a therapist.


A 3-minute walk from Hishiura Port, Nakanoshima (Amamacho), Oki Islands
address: 1367-1 Fukui, Ama-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture 684-0404
open: 9:00-17:00
close: Irregular holidays
*Please contact us as we may be closed for business trips.
*Night-time care will be accepted until 19:00.
​If you are not undergoing treatment (without staff), we will issue a hanging tag.
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