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How to make a product

Hinoki, which grows naturally in the mountains of Amamachi surrounded by rich nature, is a useful tree as a building material,

You can feel relaxed and refreshed as if you were in the forest.

The scent of cypress has been familiar to Japanese people for a long time, soothes your feelings, heals daily fatigue, and makes you feel positive.

Hinoki oil is said to have sterilizing and relaxing effects, and has been used for deodorant and insect repellent since ancient times.

All the products are hand-made one by one in the laboratory of Hokusitsuzura on the island.

[Scent] Fresh tree scent [Image] When you want to calm down, antibacterial deodorant

Hinoki essential oil


The essential oil is extracted by collecting the branches with the leaves still attached and distilling them. It has the same effect as a forest bath and you can feel the mountains of Amamachi. Please drop a few drops on a tissue or enjoy the scent with a diffuser.
[Country of origin] Japan (Oki, Amamachi)
【Scientific name】Chamaecyparis obtuse
[Family name] Cupressaceae [Extraction site] Branches/leaves [Extraction method] Steam distillation method [Main components]
α-pinene, β-ferrandrene, limonene, β-myrcene, terpinen-4-ol, etc.
[Contents] 5 ml
Cypress water
​(Floral water)

Floral water is a by-product that is extracted when essential oil is extracted by distilling plants with steam, and is also called aromatic distilled water. Please use it on the part where you are concerned about room spray and smell. Since it contains a very small amount of essential oils, it can also be used as a substitute for purified water used when making lotions and beauty essences.

[Country of origin] Japan (Oki, Amamachi)
【Scientific name】Chamaecy Paris obtusa
[Family name] Cypressaceae [Extraction site] Branches/leaves [Extraction method] Steam distillation method [Complete composition] Hinoki and water (Amamachi,
Amagawa water)
[Contents] 100 ml


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